Sunday, September 28, 2008

Artists copyrights in danger! Please HELP!

As an artist I am coming to you with an urgent problem. Could you please send an email on behalf of all artists?.

The Senate just passed the "Orphan Works Bill," quickly, behind closed doors and without a vote, through a controversial practice known as "hotlining." The bill rewrites the copyright law in ways that are devastating to cartoonists, artists, writers, photographers and songwriters.

The Orphan Works bill is being pushed by Google, which plans to catalog millions of images and doesn't want to deal with the rights of copyright holders. The bill will make it easy for anyone to reprint copyrighted work, without the permission of the copyright holder, and artists will find that it is difficult or impossible to control where their work is reprinted. The bill also imposes new costs and procedures on artists, all to benefit Google.

I'd like to ask all my friends to please please help, to do all artists a favor by emailing their congressman and asking him or her to oppose the Orphan Works Bill now, by visiting this web site, which helps you to send an automatic email to your congressman. It is quick and easy to send this email, and it would be much appreciated.

http://capwiz. com/illustratorspartnership/issues/alert/?alertid=11980321

Please Forward along?!

Thanks so much!

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