Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A new lens and CS3.3

I have been out playing with my new macro lens and giving myself carpal tunnel playing in the new Adobe CS3 program... O_o

I will upload some of the new photos soon.

My garden is taking off. Soon I will have home grown organic veggies to much on! I will post some pics of that as well..

Oh' Im registered for fall classes!

Digital media essentials (learn all about my Adobe CS3 program)

Website design (Dreamweaver online class)

Foundation Drawing (Pre-req for my degree.)

I am really looking forward to being back in school. However, I will be missing the first few weeks of class!!!! We are off to Costa Rica for 10 days! Yay ME!

I am hoping to bring home some fantastic photos from the trip!

The boys are doing great. I think summer boredom is finally kicking in for them. hehe.

Oh' I am also moving my studio on August 1st! Same building, just to a room with a window... I am very very happy about this. Working without a window has been a challenge..

Here is a pic to keep things interesting.... <3

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Local talent!!

I have recently acquired some new art from local artists! This one I got at the arts festival and its a print of a interactive sculpture. By Dave Borba aka DB Collectibles.
This piece is of a storm by Peter Silcox! Its fab!


Been busy in the studio!! Here is what Im working on.... It's a commissioned piece and Im calling it "Embrace". Im not done with it, but so far so good, me thinks. =)

I will post the finished piece called "Luminosity" after Selena
's birthday. She cant see it!