Friday, June 13, 2008

Life, love and art...

Ive been super inspired this week. I guess it's partly because two of my friends have birthdays and I love to channel the energies of people when I create.

When Im depressed I dont create much.. Some artists find depression to be quite inspiring, but I shut down.. Its like my light goes out.. Or maybe its so faint I cant see my way back.. That state of being has been my reality this past year.. My sister was diagnosed with a rare and vicious cancer in May 2007 and died in Dec 2007.

The light within has slowly begun to return and now I feel the warmth of it as I begin to create again... Its so exciting to feel inspiration.. To feel compelled to make something unique and beautiful.. I cant wait to see their eyes when I hand them their painting...

I sent out a note to some friends today asking for some help.. I need some advice and maybe even guidance in building my portfolio. I have no idea how to take good shots of my art, for print or portfolio.. I need help writing an artist statement.. Everytime I sit down to do it, I draw a blank.. I hope by this time next year to have had a showing with a gallery.. =p

I did contact the Women's Art Gallery as well.. They were super helpful and maybe will host a class on what to do when your a emerging artist.. That would be so rad..

I love that the sun is shining!

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