Monday, February 11, 2008


Been busy at the studio this past week! Woo! Inspiration comes with spring me thinks... Took some pics yesterday, since it was sooooo nice outside. Here is one I took with telephoto lens... Photobucket

I really need to get a computer for the studio (laptop would be ideal).. Most of my paint references are from photos and it would make life so much simpler for me... Not to mention, I need music in the studio as well... Tunes are a MUST! Oh and I need more lights.. The overhead florescent suck! Suck real BAD!

Yep yep!

So I will post some more pics of studio work when I can. =) Happy day to you!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Brand New Studio Space!

I finally have the my little office "studio" all set up the way I like it. Notice how clean and empty it is! Next time I post photos it will be messy and cluttered with fabulous art! YAY!

Notice the unfinished "Lightworkers" painting in the background, as well as my watercolor station. A brand new work table I built and shelves for storage! I couple other of my paintings are in there too...